Chomsky’s reaction to bin Laden’s death

Click here if you’d like to read Noam Chomsky’s reaction to the assassination of the most hated person in the western world, posted on the website of Guernica magazine.

It takes enormous courage to put forward a critical response to an event which you know will receive glowing coverage in the autobiography of the the society in which you live. Twitter reported that the announcement of bin Laden’s death sparked its highest rate of sustained activity on record, peaking at about 5,000 tweets per second when President Obama finished his remarks. These people were not mourning.

Chomsky is the most prominent professional outsider operating in the United States today. He is part of an important group of people who have poked and prodded at the shared beliefs and central myths of their respective societies, and who have been reviled and ridiculed by the majority for doing so.

Good role model.

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